Rose Gold and Brass: Trends? Or here to stay?

Good morning!

As we are putting together our final display order for all of our plumbing fixtures, I thought of a question I wanted to ask everyone.

In the showroom we are going to have an area where we will have around 20 bathroom faucets from Dawn and Kohler. While making selections of what we wanted to display, we picked a few that came in a polished chrome finish or a brushed nickel. But to add some interest, we thought we would add in some different finishes. So we’ve specified a couple of rose gold faucets and accessories, along with some brass fixtures. While we figure they aren’t for everybody, they will be eye candy and perhaps open people’s minds to doing something they regularly wouldn’t.

Right now everywhere you look you find rose gold and brass. From iPhones to Restoration Hardware, they are trending finishes right now. But the question is…are they just a trend, or here to stay?

If you think about it, brass was the number one choice for builders in the 1980s and 1990s, but then when the new millennium rolled around, they started going for more brushed metals and polished chrome. Personally I think they are here to stay, as they allow people to more expressive of their style in addition to their cabinetry and tile selections. Feel free to write your thoughts in the comments. Have a great Wednesday everybody!


Photos Courtesy of:


Rose Gold Purist Tall

Restoration Hardware

Brass Faucet and Accessories



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